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2017: A Year of Conscious Living

Did you find 2016 challenging? Meditating can help 2017 be less stressful! Registration is now open for all of Wildmind’s online meditation events for 2017. We’re calling this program our Year of Conscious Living, and we’re bringing you a larger range of events than ...Read More

Mindful moment… Walk away your worries

Here’s a Walking Meditation (MP3) by Bodhipaksa! Marianne Power, The Independant: Ok, so it’s back-to-reality-blues time. The tree is on its way down and the house is covered with its spines. The Hoover is snarled up with tinsel. Boxes awaiting decorations surround you and ...Read More

Happy New Breath

Every breath can be the beginning of a new year. One breath at a time can seem a long time for people in recovery. Many people are afraid to connect to the subtle sensations in the nostrils and on the upper lip, that we ...Read More

Christmas gift ideas for meditators

“Do Buddhists celebrate Christmas?” is a question I’m often asked. My answer is usually along the lines that most Western Buddhists do, although not as a religious holiday. It seems fair enough that a lot of Buddhists do Christmassy things in December, like giving ...Read More

Get your sit together in 2017

Meditating regularly has immense benefits. Meditating makes you happier, is good for your health, protects your brain from aging, boosts your intelligence, and helps reduce pain, stress, and depression. It improves your relationships with others, helps you be more effective, and gives you more ...Read More

Create inner peace!

“Just as the ocean may be turbulent above, but is always still in its depths, so beneath the surface noise of our thoughts there is always available a deep reserve of calm and tranquillity.” Bodhipaksa Over my years of teaching and almost 35 years ...Read More

Enjoying the play of your inner toddler

We can experience different kinds of distracted thinking in meditation. There are obvious, compelling, and “in your face” thoughts in which we tend to become completely immersed. These are the full-blown distractions where we completely forget that we’re meant to be meditating, and instead become ...Read More